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"Seeking to capture the smallest fraction of life's song and the wonder therein."

 - Shanda Fuller

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Welcome to the official Fuller Fine Art page!

There is nothing as calming, pleasing, yet exciting, as that perfect piece of art. It can brighten your home, your office, and even your day. We all know there are days and times when life is hard, and this world can be so full of sorrow that weighs us down. We also know that just catching a glimpse of beauty, of wonder, can bring joy to even the darkest of places. There's that perfect, achingly beautiful sunset at the end of a long day. The daintiest flower hidden among the greenery or bursting through, in a concrete jungle.  The glimpses of the joy and beauty that we can find in life's song. Experience that wonder, therein!

Send me your questions and comments. Let's talk about where you would like beauty added to your world. 

Watch for exciting news on the upcoming GrandeCon 2024!

Come check out Fuller Fine Art at GrandeCon!

Live Painting Events
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Commission Work

Have you ever wanted something unique, exciting and creative during your live fundraiser event?

Add Ambiance to your living or workspace.

Acquire or gift unique, one-of-a-kind art.


Make your vision a reality.


Here are a couple of examples. (photos used by permission)

"Sunset on the Lake" Commission.JPG
Sunset on the Lake.jpg
Commission 2.jpg

Frameable Keepsakes

Have a special event coming up, and want a unique, frameable keepsake to remember it by?


 I would love to work with you!

Happy 70th Tree.JPG

Birthday Signing Tree 

Colours and tree type by request.

Wedding Signing Tree.JPG

Wedding Register 

Materials, Colours and Tree Type by request.


"About weirdness ... I think my exact words were 'your paintings CAPTURE the weirdness OF things.' That's to say, things ARE weird but we stop noticing this as adults, because if we saw how strange everything really was we'd be overwhelmed and in a constant state of wonder; we'd be going around singing hymns of praise all the time! So our vision becomes very narrow and we don't really 'see' what there is to see. Your paintings give the viewer the chance to see and remember how weird things actually are. That's what I'm trying to say."


- Kevin Hampson

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