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Hi! I'm Shanda Fuller, creator and owner of Fuller Fine Art.




The wide-open skies of our Peace Country, the places I’ve been, the beautiful mountain landscapes, as well as the varying moods presented by people and nature, call me to try to express what I see in each of them.

As a young child, I was encouraged to draw and create. When I was 12 years old, my dad bought me my first painting supplies (oils) and I’ve been painting ever since. I switched to acrylics in my mid 20’s and have enjoyed creating with them. My experience with grade 11 and 12 Art classes and some different workshops, have helped improve and inform my technique and style. I am largely self-taught and inspired by what I see around me. I sign my works "Shanda Thiessen Fuller", including my maiden name for sentimentalities sake.

I seek to capture life's song in my painting, the song sung by our Creator, Himself. My mom (Barb Thiessen) and dad (artist David Thiessen) helped imbue the wonder of the outdoors in me, along with the importance of accuracy and detail, while an art teacher encouraged me to see the colors within colors and the drama of shadow. I love to use texture, shadow and the subtleties of color and detail to express the variety in Creation, whether it is something fresh and new, or aged with passing time.


There is beauty in it all.

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